What is CLR Cleaner

Calcium Lime Rust, also known as CLR cleaner is an Aqueous Acidic Cleaner that takes care of Calcium, Lime and Rust stains mostly in bathrooms and kitchens containing chemicals such as glycolic, sulfarmic and citric acids, and surfactants, according to the Material Safety Data Sheet. It is known to be extremely efficient in its function as it extremely quickly cuts through calcium, lime, dulling film, dirt, soap scum, and hard water deposits. It can be used very effectively for cleaning stains and grime on kitchen counter tops, ceramic tiles, toilet bowls, shower head fixtures, fiberglass, shower doors, sinks bathtubs, and white grout and caulk.

CLR Cleaner Safety Precautions

You want to be careful using your CLR cleaner because you don’t want it getting into your mouth, eyes, broken skin, or any open area in your body because it can be quite irritating to the eyes and skin, and especially to the respiratory tract and mucous membranes. For this reason, at the very least, try and make sure that when you use this product you do so in a well ventilated area while having your household rubber gloves on. Because it is so strong, it might help to start up your cleaning with the solution on just a small hidden portion of the surface in question first of all – just to be safe.

Of course there are detractors of the product, who perhaps misused the solution and made a mess of things, and they would come out swinging, yelling blue murder and all whatnot; but the product reviews speak for themselves and anyone who has read the label of CLR cleaner container and used it accordingly always comes back singing praises.

Where to Purchase CLR Cleaner

Now that you know, you could take a trip to your local chemical supply company or place an order for it over the internet. You could also check in with the retailer nearest to you, perchance they would have it in supply – they should. There are also several distribution partners to be found listed in the directories and on the internet that you could contact, should you need to.

CLR Bottle Sizes

It is sold in a 26 oz. bottle, a 28 oz., 42 oz., 128 oz. and (one gallon). There are also industrial sizes of the CLR Cleaner available, sold in 5 gallon and 55 gallon sized containers.

CLR Conclusion

CLR Cleaner is one of the best cleaner on the market. What’s more, it has been approved by the EPA and is safe for the environment. Use it to your fullest advantage.